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How to Use Do As I Say Candles




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how to use do as i say candle

There are a few things you should know before you purchase a Do As I Say Candle. Before lighting it, you should trim the wick, dress it, and anoint it, and let it burn for three to four hours. This candle will be different than the one pictured because the color pigment is not the same.

Trim the wick

If you want to get maximum fragrance and maximum burn time from your do as I say candles, trim the wick every now and then. Candles burn for more than an hour if you don’t trim the wick, but after that, they will eventually lose fragrance. It is also important to keep the candle away from drafts.

When using do as I say candles, the wick must be no longer than one-fourth of its original length. This will help you avoid black flames and excessive smoke. This process will also help your candle last longer. It will also prevent black smoke stains from forming on glass candle holders.

Dress the candle

There are many different ways to dress a candle. One of the most common is by dipping an index finger into the oil, moving upwards from the base to the wick. Once you’ve reached the top of the candle, you can repeat the process with your other hand. The important thing to remember is to never rub the oil up and down, always the opposite direction.

You can also dress a candle for a specific purpose by adding different ingredients to it. The ingredients chosen should correspond with the intent of the spell. It is important to know the energy of each oil before dressing the candle. Some practitioners carve symbols into their candles, rub oils over it multiple times, and affix relevant adornments. Others simply consider the candle strong enough for spiritual work.

Anoint it

Anointing a do as I say candle involves putting a bit of natural oil on it. Grapeseed oil is a popular choice because it is unscented. But you can also use special candle magic oils that can be found at metaphysical supply stores. Start by rubbing the oil onto the top of the candle and working down to the middle. Once you’ve finished with that coating, you can start a new one.

The process is easy and involves two main steps. First, you need to dress the candle. This process will create a connection between your intention and your candle. It is important to dress the candle with your personal energy so that it becomes a reflection of your intent.

Let it burn for 3 to 4 hours

The first time you light a candle, the wax should be allowed to burn for three to four hours before you blow it out. This will help the candle burn evenly and last longer. This is true for both glass and non-glass jar candles. It is also important not to blow out the candle while it is still burning to avoid any potential damage.

It is also important to trim the wick. The wick should not be over 4 inches long. Any longer than this can lead to a mushrooming of the wick. This will result in an unstable wick, an uneven burning of the wax, and smoke.

Show gratitude

A do as I say candle is a great way to thank someone for something. Instead of a generic “thank you” candle, you can choose one that highlights a special memory. Some examples of memories that you can use as inspiration for your gratitude candle are inspirational quotes, life lessons you learned, or simply time spent with your child.

Practicing gratitude is a great daily habit that will enhance your mental health in the long run. It can be practiced through journaling, meditation, or simply paying attention to the good in life.

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