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How to Pack Candles For Moving




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how to pack candles for moving

jar candles

The first step in packing jar candles for moving is to wrap them in packing paper. This will protect them from being crushed and will also prevent them from moving during transportation. You can place two or more layers of packing paper around each candle. Make sure not to overlap the candles. Once wrapped, place them in separate boxes. Do not use the same boxes for packing the candles.

Before you start packing your candles for moving, consider whether they can be shipped safely. Some candles may not be safe in moving trucks due to their fragile nature. If shipping is an option, consider the temperature at which the candles will be stored. If the temperature is too high, they may liquefy or bend. They may not melt, but they will be significantly compromised.

Bubble wrap

When moving, it is a good idea to wrap candles in bubble wrap. This will prevent them from moving around or being crushed by other boxes. In addition to bubble wrap, you should also use packing peanuts to secure the candles. Label the box to warn people that the candle inside is fragile.

Before packing the candles, take out the holder from the candle. Wrap each candle separately, taking care not to break it. Another good idea is to cover the candle with an old towel. In this way, the candles will be protected from the moving truck. It is best to use known moving materials for valuable items.

Next, you need to get padded boxes. These boxes can be standalone or placed inside larger boxes. You can also use boxes with dividers that are specifically made for packing fragile items, such as glassware. They work great for candles because they won’t have room to move around. If you’re moving to a new home, remember to pack candles securely and safely.


When moving your candle collection, you need to know how to pack them safely. You can either wrap each candle individually or place them in a box. However, you should always take care when packing them since they can get broken if not packed properly. If you do not have the original packaging of your candles, you can use packing peanuts and bubble paper to protect them from breaking while moving. Also, you can place them on top of the boxes in order to protect them from crushing.

When you have moved, it is a good idea to make an inventory of all the candles in your collection. If you have a large collection of candles, you can use different boxes for different types of candles. For example, you should pack pillar candles separately from taper candles in a box. This way, you will know where each candle belongs.

Express shipping

When shipping candles, you need to pack them carefully. They vary in size, shape, and material, so you need to take special precautions to avoid liquefying, staining, or breaking. In order to properly pack candles, use packing peanuts or packing rags to protect them from damage. Be sure to label the boxes so they can be easily identified as fragile.

Using bubble wrap and packing peanuts will protect your candles from getting crushed during transport. Use these materials to line the moving box and make sure they are not touching each other. Always mark the boxes that candles are fragile with a label such as “fragile.” Do not stack heavy boxes on top of candles.

Shipping in a moving truck

When packing candles for moving in a moving truck, you must take special care to protect them from damage. The candles must be well-sealed and protected from outside elements, such as the moving truck’s heavy weight. They should also be labeled with a permanent marker to identify the type of candle they contain. If possible, consider shipping the candles.

To protect candles during the move, you can wrap them in bubble wrap or packing peanuts to prevent them from breaking. Wrapping them in newspaper or other paper is a good idea as well. Wrapping them in bubble wrap also keeps them protected from being crushed by other boxes.

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