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There are many meanings to candles’ colors. Ivory is a symbol of purity and rebirth. Grey is a symbol for compassion. Green, on the other hand, represents abundance. Pink, meanwhile, is a symbol of sensuality. Continue reading to learn more about the meanings of candles colors.

Ivory is a symbol of rebirth

Ivory has long been considered a symbol of virtue. It is a valuable material that can be used for fine carving. Early carvers used the tusks from various animals to carve intricate miniatures. However, ivory is not plentiful, and is best sourced from other sources, such as antlers and bone. Historically, ivory has been used in many religious and ceremonial art forms, from carving miniatures to inlaid wood carvings. Numerous examples of ivory-encrusted pieces are mentioned in the Bible.

Grey is a symbol of compassion

Grey can be used to express compassion and has many meanings. It is associated with calm, peace, and empathy. This color can be used in candles to increase mental clarity and has a healing effect. It can also be used to create a romantic or sexual atmosphere. Its scent can also be used for granting wishes.

Green is a symbol of abundance

Green is a color that symbolizes abundance, fertility, prosperity and good fortune. It is a practical color, and can help you bring money into your bank account. It is associated with growth and new beginnings. This makes green a popular choice for people who are trying to advance in their career or who would like to start a new business.

Pink is a symbol of sensuality

Pink is a color that is associated with sexuality and enlightenment, and it is also an excellent choice for candles that are meant to attract love. The color is also a great choice for reconciliation spells because it is associated with love and affection. It is a beautiful and delicate color that is great for intimate settings.

Lavender is a symbol of passion

Lavender, an ancient flower, is a symbol for passion and love. It has been around for more than 2,500 years. The ancient Greeks were the first to discover it. The Romans used lavender to perfume their clothes and baths. Lavender was used to prevent the spread of the plague. Lavender is also a symbol of beauty and calmness, and is used in candle making.

White is a sign that there is balance

White is associated with balance and peace, and can be used as a color in religious ceremonies. It can be used to bless a home by removing any negative energy left behind from the previous owner. It is also a good choice for a memorial candle for a loved one who has passed.

Blue is a symbol for calmness

A blue candle can be a healing and protective talisman for many people. It can ease many fears, such as the fear of flying or public appearances. It can also transform destructive energy into peaceful, equanimous and impulsive energy.

Purple is a symbol of water

Purple is a color associated with spiritual awakening and ancient wisdom. It is also the color associated with the third eye chakra, which is the center of psychic sight. Purple candles are a great choice for spells that promote spiritual awareness and intuition. In addition, purple candles are great for spiritual protection, purification, and healing, and they reduce stress and insomnia. Purple has been associated with royalty throughout history. Therefore, burning a purple candle is an excellent choice for any spell involving power, ambition, and wishes.

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